Blaž Ahčan, Managing Director – pismo

As the Company’s Managing Director, Blaž embraces wholeheartedly the responsibility of connecting and managing all team members, projects and, above all, the challenges of providing outstanding services for clients each and every day. He is the ‘motor’ of the Company, whose personality and actions are combined in practice with Go Green’s business philosophy and goals. Professionalism, perfectionism, the challenge of upgrading each service and the requirements of sustainable tourism, attention to the smallest of details in the provision of services to clients, and absolute dedication are his innate traits and at the same time Go Green’s trademark. He believes that by selecting the best associates, the Company always has the right tools to outperform competition, and that dedication and personal commitment of everyone involved can only grow when the team is encouraged to strive towards excellence on a daily basis. His experience of over 20 years in the various tasks and stages that make up the process of providing services in the field of corporate tourism (M.I.C.E., destination management, chauffeur services, VIP corporate services, organising state protocol and formal events…) lends itself ideally to the everyday actualisation of the Company’s vision. That said, it is not only the challenges of the most demanding of projects that he sees as valuable training, but also the tests of the relativity of time – with a couple of resolute and dynamic toddlers, his training is regular and intense.