Gašper Iglič, Assistant Product Managerpismo

In these times of specialised skills, true breadth, exceptional general knowledge, the ability to integrate various fields of operation and excellent communication skills that a single individual working for a company possesses are an exceptional asset and advantage. And Gašper has them all.

Even though he still occasionally (and with gusto) drives one of our cars, Gašper is now in charge of vehicle sales and control of the Company’s fleet, which involves deliveries, handovers, maintenance, use, etc. This extremely demanding job in terms of logistics allows him to express, day in and day out, his personal disposition: discipline, precision and immense dedication.

Gašper has been a keen athlete for many years, so daily discipline for him is nothing but a new challenge that he embraces calmly, professionally, skilfully and patiently. And given that he graduated in geography, his job at Go Green allows him to combine work with his passion for travel and the discovery of new places abroad and in his native country. He is able to skilfully incorporate his broad knowledge from various related fields such as culture, history, geography, the culinary arts and the like into his everyday work and in the Company’s many projects.