Gregor Skok, Product Manager – Vehicle Rental Delivery pismo

A true man of the future! Gregor is enthusiastic about new technologies, new business models, systems optimisation, logistics and transport in the broadest sense of the word (land, sea and even outer space). He kicked off his career path in business aviation, but today, his feet are more firmly on the ground – his role in the Go Green team is the delivery of vehicle rental deliveries.

He is our key employee for the development of this activity, operational implementation and optimisation. It addition to coordinating his current assignments, his main ambition is to develop new ways and forms of transport where the care for the environment, which is one of the Company’s key missions after all, and a great user experience, his personal challenge, come first by a long margin. He is fascinated by any new technologies that are set apart by increased usability and purposefulness. When transport is in question, to anywhere (even to the stratosphere, as he likes to say) or at any given time, be it passenger or cargo, he always looks at it from the broadest possible perspective, trying to find ways for improvement.

In his spare time, he likes to read books and relax by jogging or mountain biking, where he finds the space to retreat and reflect. His favourite hobby is travelling and his wish for the future is to visit as many new places and countries as possible, to meet new people and discover their culture.