Marko Begovič, Assistant Product Manager- pismo

What better thing but to have work that combines one’s talents, passions and skills and have them culminate in excellence?! Marko’s colleagues have nicknamed him ‘the office positive vibe’, as he provides plenty every day with a kind word, gesture or the perfect playlist that enhances the pleasant environment.

Travelling is something he enjoys very much, being a dynamic person, who loves going places. He spent several years working on luxury cruise ships, sailing around the globe, while his passion for cars has lasted for a good two decades. Due to his exceptional social skills, he was entrusted with the most prestigious driving assignments for discerning clients when he first joined the Company. He is now in charge of the delivery of new cars and their maintenance. Go Green’s elite fleet of vehicles features his favourite brand, Mercedes-Benz, as well as BMW and Audi.

His practical knowledge is truly admirable, but he always embraces new opportunities for further training to take it to the next level of perfection. Many see him as someone who always offers nothing but the very best.
He also loves a good challenge and is especially fascinated by the many aspects of motorbikes.