Medeja Moder, Assistant Product Manager – Event Organiser – pismo

Everyone at Go Green strives towards a green and environmentally friendly approach to everything we do. But our Company also has its own little sunshine who goes by the name of Medeja. Open-minded and open-hearted, always smiling and welcoming, she has a unique way of encouraging teamwork, as she will never think twice about helping just about anyone to reach their goals. She is also a sporty soul. So, her favourite challenges are those of the creative type that call for persistence, ingenuity and thinking outside of boxes.

In her work, she displays exceptional originality, so she is the perfect match for the Company’s need for innovation and new approaches. She was an active cross-country skier for a good decade or so, mastering the discipline and dedication of a top athlete, which is one of the finest investments towards business efficiency and maximum productivity.

During her student years, she has acquired a lot of experience in sales, and later on, she managed to blend her talkative nature with her long-time ambition to design and organise innovative corporate events. This is indeed an area of expertise where her creativity and quest for new discoveries can reach their full potential. She enjoys all kinds of travel and remains very active: sports remain a significant part of her life.