Petra Vasilj, Sales Managerpismo

“It’s not winning, it’s taking part!” Well, for those growing up in a sporty family, the great Olympic motto through the years shifts into an outlook on life that will stay with them till the end: “It’s winning that matters. Anyone can take part. Only the lucky few can be the champions.”

Top athletic achievements and swimming championships at the highest possible level have been part of Petra’s life for no less than twenty years. They have taught her something no school or university will teach you – how to prepare mentally in order to reach for THE highest objective: be the best, be on the top, to win! The focus on winning is engrained in upbringing, education and personal stance. This is also a great starting point for her current business challenges and for the projects that she manages with a great deal of professionalism.

Petra has acquired her excellent communicational, organisational and managerial skills through her work at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Slovenia, at first as a member of the negotiations team, then as the head of economic projects. She now uses her invaluable experience in the current challenges at work, combining them with her core values: knowledge, optimism, courage, passion and creativity.

And even though success from every single aspect presents a key personal change, it is being the mum of a mischievous two-year old mum that trumps all of that in terms of pure joy.