Cast & crew transportation

When it comes to the transportation of cast & crew of video and cinema production companies, nothing should be left to chance. Everything and everyone must be in the right place at the right time, so the organisation and implementation of transportation for video and film production companies requires detailed preparation, quick response, flexibility and adaptability, while focusing on the common goal – successful and flawless execution.


With apply the same level of professionalism, regardless of whether we are transporting technical film crews and DOP’s or actors and directors, the production team and other clients. That said, we should not forget about the props and filming equpment. Of course, the discretion and professionalism of our drivers play a big role in such scenarios.

We have worked closely with many Slovenian and international companies on productions ranging from basic to very complex, transporting them safely to various locations in Southeast and Central Europe. All our drivers have many years of experience in the field of working for video and film production companies; they are discreet and provide a relaxed atmosphere and comfort to build and fulfil the trust of our valued customers and their passengers. An NDA contract is mandatory for all our drivers.

Our mission is that you, the organiser and the passengers travelling with us, feel completely relaxed, because we will make sure you arrive to your destination on time via the optimal route. The journey towards your desired location can provide you with the opportunity to rest a bit or to make arrangements for the day of shooting ahead. Go Green will accompany you all the way, from the initial preparations such as location scouting, i.e. finding the right spot to film,  and all the way to the moment you shoot the last frames of the project and say “It’s a wrap.”


Our vehicle fleet can also become your prop: do you need an extra playing the role of a driver, maybe a deluxe limousine or a business-class van? Our selection of vehicles for hire is huge and we are sure that you will find one best suited for your needs.