Roadshows & promotional tours

GO GREEN also offers professional services and solutions of providing transportation and organising programmes/itineraries, which are known in the industry as ‘roadshows’ or promotional tours. You will always be able to rely upon the services of our extremely experienced consultants-coordinators, who rank among the very best in the region, to create a top-quality programme together with you, with the aim of achieving a positive and noticeable impact on your business.

Let us know about the programme you have been considering and we will quickly create an interesting, effective and optimal programme in close collaboration with you and your specialists.

Send us an e-mail with the suggested itinerary, the number of passengers and the technical support you expect. Regardless of your financial plan, we guarantee that you will receive top-quality comprehensive services that will satisfy your clients, as well as the management board of the company you represent.

Our common goal is the highest degree of success in implementing any such programme, which will in turn benefit immensely the business results of our clients.


All we really need is your phone call or e-mail with your basic wishes and requirements!

The key to the success of promotional tours is careful planning, which we can proudly say is our strongest asset. Our experienced team of experts will help you coordinate travel, optimise timelines and also choose the right driver and vehicle, be it a limousine, a van or bus.

Our GO GREEN experts commit themselves personally to each individual challenge, from the first idea, through the rough draft, the detailed design and the full implementation. We invite you to rely on our experience and knowledge in the field, as these are the most important aspects of any such planning. Together, we can organise a spectacular event! Our staff will also help you effectively during the implementation stage of your programme. Promotional tours are usually a big challenge as they present considerable logistics-related issues, and that’s where we excel – and your project will shine as a result. The common goal is always flawless execution with maximum accuracy.