GO VIP Transportation – travel solutions for special occasions and organisation of special events

Does your calendar display an upcoming important event at the Opera House, or have you received an invitation to a reception or to attend a popular show in town? We will be excited to take you to your event in style!

Our GO VIP transportation offer involves any private transfer or rental of a vehicle with a driver by GO GREEN. Our professional drivers deliver all private transportation services with the highest level of professionalism, as they can easily make use of the knowledge required for diplomatic transportation assignments to any form of private transportation services. VIP transportation services are suitable for special occasions and for the most demanding guests, important business partners or high-ranking invitees. They ensure a punctual, safe and stylish arrival at the location of choice. In other words, GO GREEN’S drivers will take passengers comfortably and safely wherever they want in our state-of-the-art luxury- and business-class vehicles. GO VIP transportation can be used to take the bride and groom to their wedding ceremony, where each unplanned minute counts towards a quiet day and where everything must run smoothly. Our GO VIP transportation services are also the right choice for atendees of elegant parties looking for a safe, reliable and flexible ride, or when there should be no compromises when it comes to the smoothness of travel arrangements for one’s businesss partners.


What is a GO VIP ride?

  • Private transportation for the most discerning of passengers – ensuring a punctual, safe, stylish and comfortable arrival at your destination.
  • Business-class transportation for important business partners or high-ranking guests – a worry-free experience as timely arrival to the destination as well as discretion should any business information be discussed en route are guaranteed.

GO GREEN’S drivers will take you anywhere you want in our luxury- or business-class vehicles:

  • The bride and groom to their wedding ceremony, when everything must run smoothly and when every unplanned minute counts towards a quiet day.
  • Guests of an elegant party to the venue, when it is important to be able to rely on the timeliness of the arrival and the reliability of the transportation service in every other aspect.
  • Visits of business partners – when they must be provided with the highest level of service in their transfers to and from airports or business meetings.