GO GREEN wedding rides for newlyweds and their guests


There is no doubt that one of the most important days in the life of a couple is when they get married. This is one of the most memorable chapters in the book of life and an anchor for future memories of togetherness.  Of course, in organisational terms, this is of much more than a festive occasion in the company of the couple’s near and dear ones, family and friends; it is a complex project involving many details, a precise time schedule, extremely difficult logistics and many people – there is simply no room for errors on that day.

At GO GREEN, we offer an incomparably high level of service, and we are considered to be among the most meticulous and professional transportation providers in Slovenia. This is confirmed by our track record exceeding 10,000 rides to events at the highest level of importance!

The driver at a wedding is never in the foreground, but rather a crucial member of the background team of professionals involved in the implementation of the special event.

A wedding is a private celebratory occcasion, most similar in its nature and essence to the highest-ranking events organised by the state protocol. Excellence and an overall brilliant execution of such events cannot be achieved without a professional driver. A professional driver is discreetly inconspicuous, but one of the most important connecting links of the complex direction of the ceremony, ensuring it will be implemented at the highest possible level.

Your BIG DAY can only be a story of love with the happiest possible ending.
The responsibility to create that ‘perfect day’ can present a burden for the newlyweds and their guests. Wedding transportation arrangements must be well-planned in advance, timely, without delays and full of romantic solemnitiy. Have you been wondering what the wedding trends of the future are?



At GO GREEN, we provide transportation to wedding ceremonies and many other related services, where we leave nothing to chance.

On the wedding day, professional drivers will make sure that the newlyweds and/or guests of honour arrive on time to the venue, highlighting the prestige and distinction accorded to the most special of atendees..
They may, however solve many a traffic-related issue thanks to their proficient use of smartphones with state-of-the-art applications and other technology, coupled with a wealth of practical experience.

It is difficult to enjoy the Big Day if worries begin accumulating, i.e. the bouquet has yet to be delivered, the stylist is waiting, the car is no longer clean, the caterer’s team is still missing members who are late in arriving to the venue of the reception, a street might be closed that day, the guests are not being served fast enough, the seating chart does not reflect reality, the hot dishes arrive cold to the tables or the champagne is too warm, one of the wedding guests has a flat tire… the various misadventures occurring at weddings could fill several books!

All this and much more happens or could happen in a single day on your wedding day… so, are you ready?

GO GREEN TRANSPORTATION on the day of the wedding

Your wedding should be a grand affair – so we always do our best to make magic happen – with our excellent transportation and additional services for newlyweds, parents, wedding guests… because we know as well as you that only a stress-free day can be perfect!

How can we assist you at weddings?
The transportation of the bride, groom, bridesmaid and best man, parents and wedding guests from location to location is indeed only part of the wedding plan, but it must be carried out in full. Everyone in the GO GREEN team is committed to perfection in the performance of each of our transports. Being one of the best providers of luxury transportation for diplomatic purposes and for classic tourism, we also collaborate with the best contractors and possess all the knowledge required to organise special surprises for that ‘wow’ effect to dazzle your guests.

  • high professionalism in the implementation of wedding transportation services
  • all superior- and luxury-class vehicles, limousines
  • experienced, well organised drivers with a certificate in safe driving training programmes
  • ideas for special experiences (red carpet, champagne en route, music playlists according to your wishes, etc.)

Our GO GREEN drivers are ready for anything!

  • they monitor traffic and events en route to wedding locations in real time
  • they are equipped with smartphones – they are able to plan and navigate as efficiently as possible
  • each driver has completed the so-called five-point ‘defensive’ driving training course and thus has excellent command of the various avoidance manoeuvres
  • as a result, your guests and all transport-related wedding party arrangements will be safe

Pre-wedding ‘stress’ is in principle positive, but the many tasks and logistical challenges that come into play on the day you tie the knot can also arouse feelings that are not necessarily too pleasant… But you should experience a grand day in all its fullness! Our GO GREEN team performs luxury wedding transportation and ensures that you will always arrive on time when you travel with us.

GO GREEN transportation services to weddings have been rated 10/10 by our happy customers

For over than 10 years, we have been taking care of daily transportation of the highest-ranking and VIP passengers, without errors and to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. We also put special emphasis on socially responsible behaviour and, above all, we are aware that flawless execution is what you want most and what must be ensured without exception.

Our drivers at weddings have all completed additional training and have completed out additional safe driving courses; furthermore, our carefully selected team of drivers consists of individuals with plenty of practical experience and pleasant personalities, so riding with them is a truly pleasant experience time and time again.

As part of your wedding ceremony, choose GO GREEN’s transportation services – the icing on the cake

  • transport of the bride and groom from their home(s) to the first location of the wedding (by a deluxe car, limousine or luxury-class van)
  • transport of the bride and groom together with the bridesmaid and best man from their home(s) to the location(s) on the day of the wedding
  • transport of the bride to the venue of the wedding ceremony and a red carpet for the bride
  • transportation and parade of the bride past the guests on the red carpet or the ceremonial ribbon (at a registry office, a church, an open-air venue, a restaurant, etc.)
  • transport to photo shoot location(s)
  • transport of the atendees at night from the venue of the wedding reception to their homes or accommodation (hotel, apartment, etc.)
  • transporting wedding guests in vans from location to location
  • organisation and execution of all transportation in connection with the wedding ceremony
  • transporting the bride and groom to the airport where they begin their honeymoon

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