Our GO VIP transportation fleet allows you to choose the best of the best – the super-intelligent luxury sedan Mercedes S-class! The state-of-the art vehicle pampers you with its safety and comfort features, it knows your ambient lighting preferences, what you want from the vehicle in the given moment, so if you let it know your wishes with a quick glance or a soft touch, it will understand them instantly and without error.
As a sign of fidelity to the tradition of elegance, it is the only model to still feature the world-renowned Mercedes emblem on its bonnet.

GO VIP – currently peerless in Slovenia…

… and there are not many around Europe either! Our GO VIP Mercedes-S 2021 has been manufactured and registered in 2021. When you need transportation in Slovenia or anywhere in Europe, make it your limousine of choice for the perfect experience of luxury on the go, be it for business or personal needs.

This automobile is the pinnacle of state-of-the-art technology

You might be in a lack for words to express excitement at everything that this genius travel companion can offer. It is automotive perfection and pure elegance in terms of shape, design and functionality. You will be spoilt for choice thanks to its practical and useful functions. Tried as they might have to find any flaws, experts are unanimous: in the handling of the car there is not a single detail that would not be perfect.

Our GO VIP class of transportation puts safety and comfort first, but the Mercedes S-class takes the experience to an entirely new level!
The next-gen sensory command intelligence is adaptable, well-calibrated and dynamic, corresponding to the ever-changing circumstances from one ride to another: lighting and weather conditions, the duration of the drive, as well as the physical and mental state of the driver and the passenger(s). This is a smart car, which adapts to you in an unobtrusive way; in fact, it is positively inspiring, so much so that you function together as a well-tuned duo.

Advantages of the Mercedes S-class that never fail to impress

Mercedes S-class, available for you from our GO VIP transportation fleet of cars does not only stand out due to its retail price, which is currently at EUR 175 thousand, but, more importantly, thanks to its impressive set of cutting-edge technological marvels to benefit the driver and all passengers:

  • Luxurious, elegant, comfortable, agile and smart!
  • 18 electromotors ensuring safety and maximised personalised comfort of its seats
  • Leather seats with heating, ventilation and cooling (several adjustable setting for each seat)
  • Intelligent sensing of the driver and passengers (controlling and adjusting the vehicle’s mirrors and lights according to head movements)
  • An extremely soundproof cockpit for the optimal reduction of external noise
  • A smart system sensing other vehicles on the road, pedestrians and cyclists
  • A smart carpark and garage manoeuvring system
  • Retractable door handles and touch-activated opening of doors
  • Comfortably upholstered seats with touch-controlled adjustable sections
  • Digital 3-D instrument cluster dashboard (with sports, exclusive and classic modes, satnav, etc.)
  • 3-D/spatial sound system
  • Augmented reality screen system
  • Dynamic multicolour cockpit lighting
  • 10 massage programmes on all seats
  • The vehicle has 330 bhp from a 3-litre 6 V engine
  • A smart computer you can talk to or ask questions (similar to digital assistants on mobile phones)

… and this is only the beginning.

GO VIP Mercedes Benz S 350d, 4matic LONG, black, less than 700 kilometres on the odometer.

Take it out for a spin – send us your request to: info@go-green.si