Long-term lease of vehicles

A long-term operating lease of vehicles is the lease/rental of one or more cars or vans for a minimum period of one month. It enables customers to make their own choice of vehicle type and category and to replace them often, while Go Green takes care of the associated operational and administrative procedures.


Long-term operating lease of vehicles

A long-term operating lease of vehicles is the lease/rental of one or more cars without drivers to companies or organisations for a minimum period of one month, with terms and conditions of lease and payment agreed upon in advance. The lease includes the financing, insurance, annual toll vignette, regular servicing, maintenance of summer-winter tyres, and a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown. Customers choose the vehicle type and category (luxury-, business- or standard-class cars and business- or standard-class vans) and agrees on the mileage per month or per year. When their order is confirmed, they can also choose the 0% deductible CDW/LDW option.

A special feature of Go Green long-term leases is the so-called 365 Long-Term Vehicle Lease Packages – i.e. the lease of one or more vehicles without a driver to companies and organisations for the minimum period of one year, with terms and conditions of lease and payment agreed upon in advance. We recommend the 365 Executive Package, which comprises the use – for a total of 30 days per year – of a category of vehicle superior to the category otherwise selected, or the use of a van instead of a car if this fits the purpose better.

For the ultimate upgrade, we offer the 365 All In Package, which in addition to a month’s use of a superior vehicle category also includes 0% deductible CDW/LDW, monthly washing and cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior and interior and two rides (i.e. twice per year) in the leased vehicle driven by one of our professional chauffeurs.


365 Packages for long-term leases of vehicles

Would you like to decrease the annual expenses of maintaining a vehicle and at the same time have at your disposal throughout the year a new, state-of-the-art and safe vehicle that will fit just about any occasion? Would you like your car trips to be a memorable experience? Do you strive for absolute flexibility and peace of mind? If you need a vehicle and you replied yes to the preceding questions, then Go Green has the perfect solution: our vehicle lease packages for all 365 days of the year.

We offer you the utmost of flexibility where you are not tied down for a four-year period, given that you are only required to sign a binding contract for one year. In other words, our 365 Packages provide for long-term leases that do not involve multi-annual contracts, thereby allowing our customers to make the most of the selected vehicle type and even enable them to use a vehicle of a superior category for the same price. Furthermore, we will take care of the following: a valid motorway toll vignette for the car, a replacement vehicle in the event of malfunctions, summer and winter tyres and regular servicing of the vehicle.

How does that translate into practice? Take for instance our Go Green 365 Executive or Go Green 365 All In Packages. Most of the time, you would be driving a business-category vehicle, so you opt for a long-term rental of a business-class car. Then an important business partner pays you a visit, and during this time, you will swap the business-class car for a luxury-class sedan. So, for no additional charge or change in the pricing, you can just upgrade from the business to the luxury category. When it’s time for a weekend break or a longer vacation, you will swap the business car for a van, thus solving any issues related to luggage capacity or the number of persons carried. Again, with no need for a supplement, you will have upgraded your operating lease category from that of a business-class car to a business-class van.

*The price does not include 22% VAT. The offer is valid for legal entities only.