Primož Bizjak, Deputy Director- pismo

A true specialist in the field of extraordinary services and transports for the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia, Primož has been a trusted associate of Go Green from the word go. His exceptional knowledge of this specific sector allows him to accommodate the most diverse of projects and demands of service users at any given time.

A good ten years ago, he started his career path in one of the biggest travel corporations in the country, which allowed him to acquire plenty of priceless experience. But as he claims, it was in these past few years that he managed to reach a whole new level of professional know-how. Since he joined the Go Green team in 2010, he has been pursuing excellence, his most cherished value, something that never goes unnoticed by the business partners and by the passengers.

Primož knows all too well that a perfect service and/or exceptional experience requires attention to all minutiae in the implementation. After all, eminence in every aspect and for every single client is the credo of our protocol specialist.