Blaž Ahčan, Owner and Procuratorpismo

As the Company’s Owner and Procurator, Blaž is entirely dedicated to his responsibility of connecting and coordinating all of the team members, projects and, above all, challenges of providing the Company’s clients with exceptional services time and time again. He is the ‘motor’ of Go Green, whose personal traits and endeavors combine in practice with the Company’s business philosophy and its objectives.

Professionalism, a pursuit of perfection that wholeheartedly embraces the challenge to constantly improve all services and meet the requirements of sustainable tourism, attention to the tiniest of details in the provision of services to the clients, and a boundless dedication to everything he does are all features that are embedded in his genes, and at the same time the most instantly recognisable characteristics of Go Green. He firmly believes that a company that selects only the very best of staff always has the tools to leave the competition far behind. The dedication and commitment of all team members are reinforced when they are motivated accordingly as they strive towards excellence in everything they do.

Boasting over twenty years of experience in performing every imaginable task at the various stages of providing services in the field of corporate tourism (M.I.C.E., DMC, chauffeured transport services, corporate services for top-ranking or VIP clientele, organising protocol and other official events, etc.), one would be hard-pressed to find anyone more competent to make the vision of the Company come to life each and every day.

Not only is does he find happiness in dedicating himself to the challenges of the most demanding of projects, but he also delights in the trials presented by the relativity of time – with a couple of determined and chipper young daughters, his ‘exercise’ is both regular and rather intense.