Our efficient Marketing Department offers state-of-the art technical support/support programmes to marketing activities in the automotive industry.

We know that the success of your marketing activities depends on many aspects. But GoGreen’s technical support is more than one might expect. Our personal approach, meticulous attention to every single detail and ambitious mindset will keep your marketing activities up, running, and profitable – at all hours of the day.

With our own IT solutions, run by a creative and reliable team, we are able to deliver outstanding results and help you increase your sales.

Several other marketing and social events

We also managed several other events, organised parties and seminars supporting or presenting automotive brands, product launches, etc.

Our recent marketing projects include:

The biggest MINI test drive

These two events (MINI 1 and MINI 2) marked the launch of several new models from the MINI brand in the Slovenian market. Over 60 cars were made available for a test drive to anyone (the only condition was to hold a driver’s licence for at least two years) who wished to use and test them for two or three days.

Go Green arranged everything needed for a smooth and successful implementation of the project: welcoming customers, preparing user contracts, presenting vehicles, checking the condition of the cars upon return, cleaning, etc.


From January to September 2014, we organised each and every aspect of the campaign presenting the different models of BMW vehicles to potential professional (not general public) customers – over 1,300 participants – where Go Green’s IT support was key: we have developed software combining the databases of all 390 cars available, handling reservations that were subject to availability, time schedules, potential damage to the vehicles, etc. The campaign involved six different locations and amounted to 1,500 test drives clocking in at over 1,600,000 kilometres in total. All in all, the project was a huge responsibility, but a challenge we were glad to take on, bringing it to a successful close with flying colours and ready for more in the future.


On 26 September 2015, Go Green was involved in the organisation of a track-and-field athletics event that saw the participation of both male and female competitors from 9 Balkan countries. The tournament was a joint initiative of the Athletics Association of Slovenia, the Balkan Athletics Association, the Velenje Track-and-Field Athletics Club and the Velenje, while we at Go Green partnered with the organisers in providing transportation and marketing services. The general wellbeing of the athletes, coaches, support teams and visitors are crucial to the overall success of such an event. Considering that the competitors hailed from all over Slovenia, the countries of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Armenia and even Cyprus, this was indeed a very demanding project in terms of logistics, but one we brought to a successful completion. Before, during and after the tournament, the atmosphere at the venue was relaxed, and the dynamic scheduling of the events made sure that the spectators were in for a treat, too. Go Green’s participation in the project supports our company’s positive attitude towards sports as something we know and love very well.



In the week of the 24th Automobile Salon Slovenia, we, together with the organisers, were ‘charming everyone’ all-across Ljubljana and its surroundings. The Automobile Salon was held between the 27th of March and the 2nd of April 2017 at the Ljubljana Fair, and our experienced, well-trained and resourceful drivers from Go Green were granted a special honour and entrusted with the implementation of the project’s key task – to drive no less than five American legends – Ford Mustangs, and to make sure the driving was safe while demonstrating the capabilities of both the drivers and the #indomitable Mustangs.

In the company of well-known bloggers, freelancers and celebrities from the media, our team of drivers managed to demonstrate the competitive features and character of the Mustang that Ford Slovenia was presenting to the public.

‘Appearance. Power. Courage.’ … and much more. The Mustang caravan was on its way for 5 days, every day between 7 am and 6 pm, calling on the most visited parts of the city, as well as at some truly extraordinary locations. Thanks to the imaginative programme and flawless performance, our drivers did more than justice to Mustang’s slogan: ‘Appearance. Power. Courage.’.

Blogger @Had: “They’ve got very good drivers who know how to tackle all that horsepower under the bonnet. The boys have experience and, above all full command of the vehicles – rear-wheel drive plus the smooth asphalt of the streets of Ljubljana is the perfect recipe for a disaster. I would like to have this car though – just for a weekend on the polygon, where there is plenty of room to be thrown off-course and, above all, in a controlled environment. Otherwise, I doubt that there would be much more than the key left of the car for me to return!” 🙂

There is almost nothing we didn’t do… Three of our drivers filmed an advertisement with Filip Flisar, our ski cross champion, mastered ‘impossible’ turns at the polygon, rode with the popular bloggers Komatar and Had, raced Mustangs and Pony pushbikes with Radio1, did a tour of Ljubljana’s labyrinth-like BTC shopping district, had a snack at Street food, delivered sandwiches to the Fire brigade, woke up students at their campus with a symphony of car horns, provided the sound of thunder instead of the weather, whizzed all across Ljubljana, over the bridges and overpasses, beneath the underpasses … as well as greeted and drove many Slovenian sports heroes and celebrities: Filip Flisar, Ilka Štuhec, Domen Prevc, Jurij Tepeš, Bine Volčič, Jože Robežnik, Jana Morel and many others, including randomly selected passengers, who all enjoyed the ride with the Mustangs and our drivers. #inimitable #indomitable