Miha Glavan, Product manager pismo

His many years of experience in the automotive industry have enabled him to develop important skills, among which are his attitude towards people and work, his motivation for excellence and his continuous improvement of his knowledge in the field of luxury vehicles. He started working while studying business logistics, which has come in handy in practice, as he excels at solving challenges quickly, showing great initiative. He is also always striving to find new solutions and ideas, to continuously improve himself and to upgrade the professional task he has been entrusted with. He joined the Go Green team in July 2021 and took over the vehicles process, as he is familiar with the established way of running the business operations, the products, and the functioning of the team. In 2022, he was promoted from assistant to product manager and took on the responsibility of optimising the process of buying and selling used vehicles. For many years, he has also exceled the challenging job of luxury car driver.

In his spare time, he devotes his energy to sports, preferably football, which he played as a child in the junior league. This is where he learned the importance of teamwork and successful communication. Life has also brought him new challenges with fatherhood.