Short-term rental of vehicles

A short-term rental of vehicles for businesses is the rental of one or several cars or vans for the minimum duration of one day. It allows our customers to select the type and category of vehicle that suits them best, while Go Green takes care of all the associated operational and administrative procedures.


Short-term rental of vehicles for businesses

A short-term rental of vehicles for business is the rental of one or several vehicles without drivers for companies or organisations, for the minimum duration of one day, subject to terms and conditions of rental and payment agreed in advance. Go Green offers high quality, modern and safe vehicles at competitive rates. Customers may choose between cars (of the luxury, business or standard categories) and vans (business-class and standard-class vans) and agree on the number of kilometres (mileage) included in the price. Many car brands are available, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc We also provide expert guidance in regard to our customers’ requirements and needs to come up with the type and category of vehicle that will fit any company’s existing needs. When their order is confirmed, customers can also choose the 0% deductible CDW/LDW option. The pick-up location for the vehicles is Go Green’s headquarters in Ljubljana, but subject to preliminary arrangements, they can also be delivered to the customers’ location of choice.

A special feature of short-term vehicle rentals by Go Green is the so-called Go Green Optimize Packages. Based on the estimate of kilometres to be travelled/driven within a year (mileage) for the selected category of vehicle, we offer our customers the purchase of such annual mileage allowance, which customers are free to use whenever they actually need a vehicle. Should you require any additional information on our short-term vehicle rental for businesses or on whether and how the Go Green Optimize Package would benefit your company, your employees and business partners, we will be glad to prepare an individual analysis and draft an optimised plan for your short-term vehicle rentals.


Go Green Optimize

Does it make sense to only pay for a car when you actually need one? At go Green, we offer you to book and purchase your individual annual mileage that you may use at your discretion only when you actually need a vehicle. You will simply book and pick up the care on the day you need it and return it afterwards. This type of rental is a much more transparent and cost-efficient solution than any other form of car rental or operating lease of vehicles. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you find the best answer to your needs.

Optimise the expenses of your vehicle fleet requirements and purchase our annual mileage package

We are all well aware of the fact that being able to use a vehicle entails considerable costs. But does it really? Calculations indicate that the costs of a vehicle one owns reduce in reverse proportion to the intensity of its use. In other words, the more a vehicle is used (the more kilometres we cover with it), the more justified its purchase turns out to be. What to do then when we do not use a vehicle on a daily basis or only need one from time to time?

So, in practical terms, if you only need to rent a vehicle for a day or several days for your business trips a few times a year, what is the best solution? Try to establish a yearly estimate of the kilometres (i.e. mileage) you will be covering on your business travels. Based on this estimate, you simply purchase the desired mileage for the vehicle category that best suits your needs. Now, if you find during the course of the year that you will need additional mileage, you may simply opt to purchase yet another similar package. And this is how you can optimise the expenses of renting the vehicles for your business travel purposes!