Nina Stadler, Deputy Director – pismo

Nina is dynamic in all areas of her life. She holds an MSc in business science and has exceptional organisational skills, but she is also very sensitive to people’s needs.  She boasts over 15 years of experience managing projects and business operations. She is energetic, full of life and passionate about challenges, be it professional or personal. She is a firm believer in a single overarching business norm that is the only valid indicator of a solid company – extremely satisfied returning customers.

Nina’s undergraduate geography study course lead her towards tourism and towards working with people, where the most fascinating thing for her is the sheer diversity of views, possibilities and ideas, all of which ultimately result in something new and excellent. Her exceptional worldliness, broad knowledge, professional communication skills, as well as persistence and approachable adaptability are the right key advantages required to better understand the demands of the key partners and customers.

Thanks to her self-initiative, conscientiousness and meticulousness, she managed to master all of the Company’s business processes, which – as Go Green Deputy Director – she now successfully developes for the future, in colaboration with the team and in accordance with Company’s values.

Nina is alo a fan of outdoor sports: she likes mountain hiking, cycling, paddle-boarding in the summer and snowboarding on the white slopes in the winter. And last but certainly not least, being a mum to a cuple of toddlers is certanly a challange, too, but one that she holds especially dear.