Boštjan Korošec, Product Managerpismo

Boštjan’s dedication to the Company is evident in everything he does.  He relishes in a dynamic pace, new challenges, working with people and being part of a well-motivated team. He has found all of the above at Go Green, a company he has worked at and co-created since its inception.

He began learning his craft by working for a logistics company as a coordinator, where his open-mindedness and communicating skills later earned him a job as a professional driver. The sheer variety of services and projects he thus dealt with brought him a wealth of new and very practical knowledge and skills.

Being a long-time employee of Go Green, Boštjan has great command of every single process in the Company. In collaboration with the Management, he is currently developing the new transport service processing application. He is also in charge of making sure that all of the technology works flawlessly.

He dedicates most of his time off to sports. In the past, he preferred team sports, but nowadays, faced with plenty of work, he has become an avid runner – his main ambition is to finish a half-marathon (21 km) in under 1h20. His teammates are sure he will pull it off!