Rok Gobec, Product manager pismo

As a Go Green team driver, he has managed to combine his two great passions: driving luxury cars and his innate genuine interest in people. A dynamic member of the Go Green driver team since 2017, he joined the company’s operations team in 2021, where he is responsible for the organisation, coordination and logistics of various projects in the vehicles segment, and within a year he has been promoted from assistant to product manager, taking on the responsibility of optimising the processes of buying and selling new vehicles and the operational leasing of vehicles. He is looking forward to the complexity of the challenges, as they broaden his horizons and foster personal growth in his responsibility towards customers and partners. He always performs his work to the highest possible standards, and the higher the clients’ requirements, the more he enjoys taking on the challenges and performing to the best of his abilities. Once an unstoppable basketball player, he has now taken his sporting ambitions to the tennis and golf courses, which provide him with a pleasant relaxation and an opportunity to socialise.