Sergej Menegalija, Assistant Product Managerpismo

Sergej is sociable, talkative, inquisitive, detail-oriented, persistent and determined to always achieve his goals. He has been fascinated by motoring since he was a young boy, and go-kart racing has become a great passion of his after practising it and competing in it as a youngster. He is also fascinated by airplanes and aeronautical sports.

He is always looking for dynamism in life and loves being in close contact with people. He is flexible by nature and always goes out of his way for his passengers. His greatest reward and motivation is the visible satisfaction of his clients or passengers. In 2023, he joined the GO GREEN operations team as an Operations Associate, where he will combine his passions, personal qualities and desire to connect with people from different countries, professions and business backgrounds.

His professional experience has been gained in various fields, all of them related to people. He worked for a long time in a renowned Slovenian agency in the field of event organisation, he also managed a shop, and in his freelance career he was involved in the sale of automotive products. He has excellent technical skills and is familiar with the world of electronics.

In his spare time, sports activities are a priority. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking and judo. His greatest passion remains photography, both analogue and digital, which he has been doing for many years, and for 12 years he has been creating wedding photographs to delight newlyweds. Perhaps he will now also take over as GO GREEN photographer…