kompasKompas d. d. is an international travel and tourism corporation consisting of 25 companies and branches throughout the world and operating in all segments of the travel industry in 23 international markets. Since 2010, we have maintained an excellent collaborative relationship with Go Green as our priority provider of chauffeured services. The array of operations they carry out on our behalf is wide, as it includes both simple transfers and complex implementation projects we provide to various clients, such as large multinational corporations, renowned Slovenian undertakings, the Government and other state institutions, sporting associations and organisations, as well as individual clients on order basis.

We have worked with the Management of Go Green and several of its employees for over fifteen years. Such long-term partnerships are the expression of mutual trust and respect, and above all, flawless performance of services for our clients, which is a solid base of the business operations of any company.

Go Green’s services always meet our expectations and the expectations of our clients. Our business collaboration is exceptional in terms of professionalism, placing Go Green amongst our closest partners, therefore we can only recommend our other business partners to consider working with this excellent company.

Tatjana Juriševič, President of the Management Board
Kompas d.d., Slovenia