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Let our fleet and team of drivers become your efficient props!

One of Go Green’s specialities is to provide comprehensive support to film, cinema, media and music production teams when you’re looking for the perfect filming locations, or when you’ve already chosen a location and need logistical support in organising transport and hiring drivers.

Slovenia is one of the world’s most desirable film destinations.This allows you to concentrate fully on the core of your demanding area of expertise, while we take care of everything else that is not strictly related to the essence of your business, but is vital to the smooth running of your work. Thus, based on your needs and in consultation with you, we offer: the planning, coordination and execution of transport, assistance in obtaining various documentation, licences, rental of vehicles with a driver, transfers, catering, accommodation and guides; in short, we work with you in the management of the project. We are experienced, flexible and understand the value of your working or filming day. Working with us brings you all the savings that other people usually have to pay for. We are a trusted brand.

Famous names from the world of cinema such as Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan, Emma Thompson, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Jeff Goldblum, Naomi Watts, Sir Patrick Stewart, Cuba Gooding Jr., James Mason, Stewart Granger, James Coburn, Telly Savalas, Simon Callow, and this year probably also Tom Cruise, have filmed their blockbusters in Slovenia. Our country has been the picturesque setting for the Oscar-winning film No Man’s Land, the fantasy masterpiece Narnia: Prince Caspian and half a dozen blockbusters of Indian cinema – Bollywood.

Drive less. Film more. Film in Slovenia – is the slogan of the Slovenian Tourist Board, which presented the beauty of Slovenia as an optimal film destination at the London Film Fair.

There are only a few countries in the world that offer sea, mountains, green valleys, magical towns and villages, and the greatest distances are only a few hundred kilometres. This is a huge saving for production companies, who are mindful of the already high costs of filming. Of course, waking up in fairytale Brda, adrenaline activities and unearthly beautiful scenes in Posočje, the romantic Logar Valley or Pomurje, nature hikes in the Alps or in the ancient forests of Kočevje, a relaxing break in a picturesque town square and a spectacular sunset on the Coast – these are attributes that can be found in few places – WHETHER IT’S AN ADVERT, A MUSIC VIDEO, A SELECTED SCENE OR A FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM.

Another major advantage is that Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich, Zagreb and Opatija are all within 100 to 380 kilometres of our borders, while Hvar and Dubrovnik are also not far away.


The list of the most desirable locations includes Ljubljana, Bled, Piran, Postojna, Bohinj, Tolmin, Ptuj, Kočevje, Kanin, Krvavec, but many more desinations could be added to it as well. Of course, due to the advantage of proximity, we also offer transfers to popular neighbouring countries – Croatia: to Zagreb, Opatija, Hvar, Dubrovnik;  italy: to Trieste, Venice, Padua, Milan, the Dolomites, the picturesque lakes and Bologna; Austria: to Graz, Vienna and Salzburg and on to Germany as far as Munich; Hungary: to Lake Balaton and Budapest. Within a radius of 380 kilometres, we can reach most of the locations listed.

Piran, author: Barbara Kožar


Precision, professionalism and knowledge of the “home turf” are three strong reasons to entrust such an important function in the organisation of a film or video shoot to the best.

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to transporting production crews. Everything and everyone needs to be in the right place at the right time, which is why organising and executing transport for a productions company requires detailed preparation, rapid response, flexibility and adaptability, and a focus on the common goal – a successful and flawless execution.


We work closely with several small and larger domestic and foreign production companies, which we have transported safely around Slovenia or to areas of South-Eastern and Central Europe on several occasions.

Working with our team specialising in film, video, commercials and music videoclips is, above all, easy and enjoyable. We know Slovenian media houses, national and commercial media providers, we know film, theatre, television, video and social media creators, we know the biggest Slovenian names in film and music production, we know photographers, translators, music performers, media, etc.

Let our experience become your advantage – in terms of cost, logistics and implementation. The services we provide to film, media, music and video production companies in Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary include: 

  • hire of vehicles of all categories, from cars, vans, minibuses and other vehicles for filming, as well as chauffeur services,
  • the services of a coordinator or transport manager,
  • transport services in support of production teams – we organise and provide transport for research, location scouting, etc.
  • safe transport for filmmakers and film crews (studio – on-site location – hotel),
  • safe transport and guidance of influencers to various locations (transport and, if desired, guided tours),
  • organising security for VIP crew members (actresses, actors, directors),
  • delivery and transport of props, costumes or other equipment,
  • planning and implementing optimal transport,
  • transport to special events,
  • holidays (extended stay) for crew members.

Professional, efficient to the max, excellent in support.

We are well aware of the fact that time is a very important component in film and video production. The schedules are full of tasks and coordination, there are many people involved from different backgrounds, artists from different parts of the world and different cultures, actors, directors, costume designers, set designers, photographers, cameramen, etc., and the costs vary from one project to another in terms of their friendliness or flexibility. That is why we know that time and the absence of the extra hassle that transport can often cause can be very useful for you!

The needs of film, video and music crews vary, but they all need to transport people and equipment, which is what we specialise in. Organising transport, storing equipment and reactivating it the next day are very important elements of a successful shoot, and this is where the Go Green team can help you decisively – we have the knowledge and “thousands of miles” of experience.

We transport every technical crew and DOP, as well as actors, directors, production crew and clients with the same degree of professionalism and dedication. We handle props and equipment with the utmost care and attention. We work with the utmost discretion on every project and are professional at every detail of the script.

In addition to ensuring smooth transportation of staff and equipment to the filming location and time-efficient departures, we also assist production companies in obtaining filming permits where necessary (knowledge of national regulations).

In all of this, we are distinguished by our flexibility and truly rapid response times to any additional unforeseen service and capacity needs (vehicles, drivers, etc.).


We are able to adapt quickly and move with the times, which is why we have put in place the most effective safety measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with all national and international regulations and recommendations, ensuring that, while the comfort and safety of driving itself is unquestioned, this aspect is also elegantly taken care of, but everything runs smoothly and at the highest level of quality, despite the exceptional conditions.


All our drivers have many years of experience in production transport, are discreet and ensure a relaxed atmosphere, comfort and trust for our customers and passengers. The NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is a mandatory contract for all our drivers.


Our first mission, which we follow unconditionally, is to put you at ease and allow you to focus on your  primary objective – filming. We want you, as the organiser, and your team members to be completely relaxed, as we will make sure you arrive on time and take the optimal route.

Make the most of the journey to your destination and the time you have to spend in a car – dedicate it to yourself and your project. Relax, organise, communicate in absolute comfort with fully organised transport to the locations and support for the filming.

Our Go Green team works closely with you and provides full support at all stages of your work process: from initial preparations and location scouting right down to the last shot.

Thanks to our established position on the Slovenian market and excellent business cooperation with other stakeholders, which enable us to maintain a top-class fleet, our services are extremely cost-effective and attractive, which is an additional advantage compared to alternative solutions offered by providers from distant locations.


From luxury sedans to business vans, we have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, and we are confident you will find the one that is best suited to your needs. What is more, our state-of-the-art vehicles – we can even provide classic models and vintage cars if required – can even be used as props, and if you need an extra to act as a driver, our staff are on hand to help. Please contact us in advance for availability:  + 386 51 303 404 or


So, alongside top-notch ideas, scripting, production, people in front of the microphones, in front of and behind the camera, post-production and distribution, Go Green’s high-quality services are an aspect that will make your job easier and, in its own way, help you create the magic of your art in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Jože Pučnik Airport (Fraport Slovenia or also Ljubljana Airport) is the central and largest airport of Slovenia, 24 km from the country’s capital Ljubljana. The grand opening of its new state-of-the-art terminal with 2.5 times the current passenger capacity, and on 1 July 2021, when Slovenia will take over the Presidency of the Council of the EU, the first passengers will be able travel from the new terminal.

Starting from the date of the inauguration of the new terminal, new high-quality and affordable transfer services to/from the new terminal, as well as from other airports, will also be available under the GO GREEN brand:

  • Basic airport transfers Jožef Pučnik Airport-Ljubljana-airport (by prior arrangement).
  • Door-to-door services – our Go Green driver picks up passengers at the agreed location and drops them only a few steps from the terminal building.
  • Transfers on request from/to: airport to a final destination of your choice in Slovenia/region (on request by phone/email).
  • Transfers in combination with other tourist services in Slovenia/region (by prior arrangement).

You are welcome to inquire us for GO GREEN transport services at:

 No waiting, no searching, no crowds or distant car parks – just a step from/to the terminal!

The modern design of the new terminal allows passengers to be picked up or dropped off in close proximity to the entrance or exit of the airport building – but only with selected carriers, including GO GREEN.

Having access to the immediate vicinity of the entrance/exit offers many advantages for passengers, saving extra time, making the journey safer, more peaceful, without the stress or risk of delays due to searching for free parking spaces, no waiting at payment counters, and the well-being of the journey is not affected by weather conditions, as our driver will pick up or drop off the passenger just a few steps away from the building. When you get in the car, the temperature is always optimised for the outside temperature, which is the icing on the cake in terms of comfort.

Go Green transfers are not only a transfer, but also a pleasant experience when you leave for your trip or when you arrive in Slovenia.


Go Green puts safety first, so paid special attention to adapting our chauffeur services to the new circumstances.

In order to ensure safety for all, we have prepared special Instructions for using Go Green chauffeur services, which are in line with the recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health.


Each individual (both driver and passenger) is responsible for maintaining high hygiene standards in the vehicle. Therefore we are kindly asking our passengers to respect our instructions and stay informed. We advise you to regularly check the information from local health authorities.

We recommend regular and thorough handwashing with soap and water.

All vehicles in the Go Green fleet are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with appropriate surface disinfectant before and after every ride.

Each individual (both driver and passenger) that  enters the vehicle should be healthy (shows no symptoms of respiratory infection such as: fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, chest pain).

The use of hand sanitizers is obligatory. Each individual (both driver and passenger) should disinfect his/her hands before entering the vehicle. The hand sanitizer is provided by Go Green. The sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol and is for external use only. We are kindly asking passengers not to touch surfaces in the vehicle.

The use of face masks is obligatory for each individual (both driver and passenger) throughout the whole journey. We recommend you not to touch the protective mask as it reduces the risk of transmitting the infection to other people and surfaces in the vehicle.

Each individual (both driver and passenger) is responsible to cough and sneeze in his/her elbow.



  • All vehicles in the Go Green fleet are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with appropriate surface disinfectant before and after every ride.
  • Go Green drivers wear protective masks and disinfect their hand before entering the vehicle.
  • Each passenger that enters the vehicle should be healthy (shows no symptoms of respiratory infection such as: fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, chest pain). Passenger that has symptoms should inform us on our 24/7 emergency phone number + 386 51 303 404 or on email: All passengers that cancel their reservation will be given full refund or a new transfer with different dates.
  • The use of face masks is obligatory for each passenger throughout the whole journey. We recommend you not to touch the protective mask as it reduces the risk of transmitting the infection to other people and surfaces in the vehicle.
  • The use of hand sanitizers is obligatory. Each passenger should disinfect his/her hands before entering the vehicle. The hand sanitizer is provided by Go Green. The sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol and is for external use only.
  • Each passenger is responsible to cough and sneeze in his/her elbow.
  • We are kindly asking passengers not to touch surfaces in the vehicle.
  • Each individual (both driver and passenger) is responsible for maintaining high hygiene standards in the vehicle. Therefore we are kindly asking our passengers to respect our instructions and stay informed. We advise you to regularly check the information from local health authorities.

Stay healthy, responsible and positive!


As we are approaching the last few months of this year, everything seems different. From one’s perspective it seems like life, travel, work, relationships, psychology  and pretty much every segment of our lives has changed in just 10 months. Epidemic, pandemic, masks, social distance, work from home, quarantine, uncertainty, closed borders and travel limitations have marked 2020. So, how does travel in times of Covid-19 look like?

The new normal

Our realities started shifting slowly, but now we have a new reality, which is not something we signed up for. People miss the way things used to be or to be precise we miss what was commonly known as our “normal” lifestyles. As a person working in the field of luxury and corporate travel, which is the industry that has been deeply impacted by this pandemic, I decided to address the elephant in the room and shed some light on this state we are currently in.

The corona virus is here and probably not going anywhere for some time, therefore it is up to us to be precautious, to adapt, adjust and keep on living. Maybe we should not expect that travel will be as it was, rather adjust to a new kind of travel that will be more conscious and sustainable.

The new habits of the corporate travellers in times of Covid-19

For the purposes of better understanding the “new normal”, in our company we made analysis among frequent customers to see how their corporate travel habits changed during the pandemic. We analysed clients that travel for business purposes in Europe. The analysis showed that most of the frequent corporate travellers decided to shift from air-transportation to land transportation. In other words, the importance of hygiene safety increased drastically as they believe private transportation with personal driver is more safe than flying and spending few extra hours at airports. Also, hygiene protocols in private transfers make people feel more safe as vehicles are constantly being disinfected and sanitizers as well as face masks are available for all on board. In terms of time management, the benefits of private transfers where pick up and drop off is made from door to door is of huge importance for corporate travellers. Another important benefit is the comfort – while travelling with a professional driver in a new car, customers have the privacy and comfort to work, prepare for meetings or just seat back and enjoy the ride. Most of all, the flexibility and hygiene safety private transfers offer is something corporate travellers highly appreciate in these changed circumstances. We see this trend that clients will chose quality over quantity. However, we have to keep in mind that private land transportation is conditioned by the distance travelled, nevertheless the pandemic is showing that there is a potential for private jets as well.

How the new reality affects us?

To put things into more broad perspective, one can say with certainty that the “new normal” is undoubtedly changing the way we think, decide, act and travel. It is changing our mindset, however what still remains unchanged is the desire to travel. Travel is good for our physical and mental wellbeing as well. Whether is corporate or leisure travel, people still have this wanderlust state of mind, the thirstiness to see and experience new things, while also wanting to stay healthy and safe. Probably this is the main dilemma in our near future travel endeavours… Being in a safe and clean environment on the one side and being exposed to experiences and newness on the other side. Also, from economic point of view, businesses must continue working, productivity and effectiveness must be kept and in a globalized world, this is almost impossible without travel. Thus, we are in the constant push and pull whether to go on a certain business or leisure trip at all. Whether we should risk the safety and comfort of our “bubble environment”, where we control the circumstances or be cautious, respect hygiene protocols, act responsible and adjust to the “new normal”?

To conclude, I would say that these crisis are an opportunity to rethink how we can rebuild our societies, economies, ecosystems and how we interact and co-depend on each other. This pandemic impacts each and every one of us, but with resilience and conscious state of mind I am convinced we can travel, work, be productive and create again.

Author: Mirjana Nikolovska




Kongres Magazine: Interview with Dijana Taborin, Product Manager – Event Organiser at Go Green

As everything is settling back into its pre-coronavirus tracks, the meetings industry is still waiting for the situation to normalize itself. Lifted regulations will not bring back business like nothing has happened, yet everyone is supposed to survive by their own means. We wanted to hear how meeting planners are coping with the situation, what COVID-19 means for their businesses and how they see the future of events.

DIJANA TABORIN, Product Manager – Event Organiser at Go Green

Q: How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

I am the head of the MICE department at Go Green. By nature, I am an optimist who tries to face every obstacle with positive energy. I also really enjoy new challenges.

I plan different types of projects with great enthusiasm, from the most logistically demanding to content-unique, where eminent participants are used to the best scenarios. I have a degree in economics and have a lot of experience in organizing events at home and abroad. My richest experience is in tourism. I create programs for companies, organizations and individuals, always with a strong emphasis on effective solutions. In my work, I put bold creativity at the forefront and include surprises in my ideas. I believe that the secret of a successful event lies in caring for every little detail.

Q: What is your love story with the world of events?

Already as a teenager, I was eager to dedicate my time to organizing various events. In high school, I embarked on a charity collection of toys for children at the hospital with one of the professors and discovered my love for planning. The success story was also recognized by our largest commercial television station, which reported about the charity event in a daily news program. Just like back then, every successful event still gives me a new drive and fills me with energy.

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About Go Green in Kongres Magazine

Go Green is a provider of first-class travel and tourism, transportation, and MICE services in the Alps-Adriatic Region. Our vast knowledge of the region, our IT toles and in-house premium fleet of vehicles, can offer you complete support, so you can focus on the content of your event, meeting, or conference. With our services, you will add value to your event and maximize your time and money. You deserve the best there is, so allow us to redefine your expectations and re-shape the way you book service because your pleasure is our business. And we always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

What we can do for you: We are focused on supporting you and your clients, so we can deliver excellent results. Our vast variety of services include: Planning and organization of events, selection and set up of the venue, online registration of the participants, cooperation with delegates, accommodation and transfer bookings, program and speaker coordination, implementation of the financial plan, organization of leisure trips, negotiations and arrangements with the suppliers, support at the venue, organization of support programs and other.
What’s new: Go Green ensured safety in the first place, so we paid special attention to adapting transport services to the newly created environments. To protect our clients and employees we have implemented special roles and instruction for all our transport services. This new standard is also implemented in all our other services and is in line with the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health.

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Avtor: Dijana Taborin,