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Private Festival Transfer Croatia: Elevate Your Music Festival Experience

Private Festival Transfer Croatia is the ideal choice for music lovers who seek a seamless and luxurious travel experience, personalized service and attention to detail, comfort, safety, and time efficiency.

Are you excited about attending a music festival in Croatia or Slovenia but worried about getting from the airport to the venue? Then VIP transfer is the perfect solution for you! We offer exclusive, comfortable, and safe private transfers in top-of-the-line vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and other brands, ensuring you arrive at the festival stress-free and in style.

Private Festival Transfer GoGreen

Private Festival Transfer GoGreen

Imagine this: you’ve just landed at the airport, excited to attend the music festival of your dreams. Instead of dealing with crowded shuttles or long taxi queues, you’re greeted by a sleek, luxurious VIP vehicle. Your personal driver, a courteous professional, helps you with your luggage and whisks you away from the airport in style.

Whether you’re flying into Zagreb, Split, Venice, Vienna, or Ljubljana Airport, we’ll take you comfortably and safely to the festival gates. Our experienced drivers will handle all the details, from navigation and parking to luggage assistance. You can relax in the spacious, air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy the ride without a worry.

Why Choose VIP Airport Transfer to Music Festival?

  • Comfort and luxury: Travel in a premium vehicle and arrive at the festival feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the music.
  • Hassle-free experience: Our drivers will take care of everything, from navigating the unfamiliar roads to parking and carrying your luggage.
  • Save time: Avoid the crowds and long queues of public transportation. With VIP transfer, you’ll get to your destination faster and without unnecessary stress.
  • Flexibility: Tailor your transfer to your needs. Choose your pick-up time and location, and arrange additional services like luggage transport to your accommodation.
  • Safety: Our drivers are experienced professionals who prioritize your safety and comfort. The vehicles are regularly serviced and equipped with the latest safety features.

Private Festival Transfer Croatia is an excellent choice for those who want:

  • A hassle-free and comfortable journey
  • To save time and avoid stress
  • To travel in a luxurious vehicle
  • A safe and secure ride
  • Flexible transfer tailored to their needs

Private Festival Transfer Croatia - GoGreen

For more information and reservations, please visit our website or contact us. We’ll be happy to help you arrange your transfer and ensure an unforgettable music festival experience.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the music festival in style! Book your VIP airport transfer today!


The 9 is something special!

The mystery and fabulousness of the number 9 is proverbial, but mathematically it’s not just that; whatever number from 1 to 9 you multiply by 9, the sum of the individual digits in the product will be 9 again; for example, 3 x 9 = 27 and 2+7 = 9.

If someone had told us at Go Green when we started the company 10 years ago that there would be 9 of us by then, we would have found it hard to believe. And yet, over the years we have expanded our business considerably, providing a full range of  M.I.C.E. and marketing services in addition to our core business of transport and regional tourism (DMC), all the while building on a sustainable philosophy and – above all – a strong, professional and happy team of employees.

Today, there are 9 of us in the team and we believe that we create something special for our clients.
Because we believe that only the best is good enough for them.


What are new challenges but a vision that becomes a success?

As any market-oriented company, we are always facing new challenges in the area of SALES, as it reaches and concerns all areas, all employees, all partners and all projects. Sales is almost an economic discipline in its own right and requires a number of excellent personal qualities and professional experience on the part of those who are involved in it. Sales requires a whole person who has a great deal of experiential knowledge as well as intuition. Since this year, it has been led by Eva Ugovšek.


The ambitious projects that Go Green is looking forward to in 2023 have prompted us at the beginning of this year to entrust the management of the key area of sales to an outstanding and long-standing colleague, Eva Ugovšek. Today, we congratulate her once again on taking on this important responsibility and wish her plenty of satisfaction and success with her new ideas and challenges.

Eva’s work reflects her warmth, communication ablilities and exceptional organisational skills, which always get her to the target, are highly appreciated by partners and professionally inspire us colleagues. As Eva believes, it is easy to have such a focus at work, because guests and clients always deserve only – the best.

Are you organising an event, need a vehicle or extra transport services, filming a commercial in Slovenia, organising a meeting and want something special for it? You are welcome to contact, who will meet your challenge quickly, reliably and professionally.

Good luck on the new projects!

Go Green Team


The past few years have seen incredible revolutionary technological advancements that established global connections thanks to the Internet. Everyday lives are changing before our very eyes. Digitalisation has brought about comprehensive transformation, and this is bound to continue: people are changing in their very essence.

If we add to the above the challenges of the increasingly dynamic modern way of life, such as the swiftness of change, the shifting of boundaries between the private, public, and professional spheres, the contemporary ways of communicating either withing our families or on the job, this prompts a call to active change in our values as well as in the learning of new skills. Adequate training is the path that ensures considerable improvement in the said process.

We do not have to look far to read about a certain lack of values. Transparency is indeed one of the changes of the modern times that, on the one hand, results in many benefits, but, on the other hand, points out to the considerable shortcomings of the existing system on the path to oblivion.


When we established GO GREEN, we placed sustainable orientation in the broadest sense of the term among the Company’s core values. Sustainability is a key element of our strategies and activities, but also of all our relationships and attitudes, i.e., towards our employees, partners, customers, and the environment.

Values dictate the way we humans perceive life. It is therefore crucial that businesses pay attention to every individual, listen and hear what they have to say, to consider their personal traits in the organisation of work, and to support their growth.

Enhancing employees’ knowledge is arguably one of the best investments to better the future of a company, as it positively impacts the sentiment in the business environment, the collaborative relationships, efficiency, performance and productivity and the overall atmosphere, all of which reflect on customer satisfaction.

GO GREEN is aware of these implications. In the past five years, we have organised several group training sessions and personalised coaching sessions for all our employees, some addressing actual business situations.


GO GREEN’s primary focus is on the ultimate excellence in services for our customers provided on our behalf by individuals precious to our Company. We therefore wish that working for us became part of each employee’s career vision and an opportunity for personal headway, growth and improvement of skills that are useful – professionally, as part of our team and in the private sphere.



The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions has since 1990 been monitoring the working conditions and satisfaction employees across EU Member States and Slovenia ranks poorly – it occupies the 26th place among 31 countries. Only a good ten per cent of Slovenian employees express they are very happy with their job and working conditions (Universal Excellence Magazine, September 2014, Year 3, Issue 3).

Employees’ satisfaction and motivation are closely linked to happy customers and their undertaking’s business performance. This is because at their heart, companies are people. To address this aspect, GO GREEN has since 2018 been collaborating with the Fast Forward, Learning & Development company.

The training challenge we have set for ourselves was clear: how does do we ensure long-term top quality and even upgrade the well-established excellence of services in the field of travel, transportation, tourism, car hire for companies or individual clients from Slovenia and the wider region? Considering that the key elements of our offer are premium chauffeured transportation services, comprehensive creative solutions for business meetings, other MICE events and marketing solutions, it goes without saying that our top-quality services revolve around people.

Achieving goals in companies always begins with a happy individual, who must have his or her own (higher) goals, knows the goals of the company and is also able to recognise the goals of his or her co-workers in the team. This can prove to be quite a challenge in practice.

The above calls for skills that are not second nature to most people – they are to be learnt, trained, and maintained. A company basing its services on people should be able to recognise such potential and foster their development, supporting the bonding of team members. This is the reason for us embarking on the path of employee training.



In the five years of actively implementing training programmes, GO GREEN has addressed very specific challenges: the awareness and importance of the connection between individuals and their fields of work, the efficient management of work assignments, personal responsibility and proactive personal development that will have a holistic impact on the individual’s life.

In the times when exceptional events, innovative meetings, modern and environmentally friendlier vehicles we use to provide our services have become increasingly complex, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic business eclipse that surprised us all, we were even more determined to actively pursue employee training.

As we faced with difficult circumstances and uncertain prospects for the Company and its employees, the knowledge gained from our group workshops and coaching sessions proved to be precious: it provided new insight into the tremendous value of knowledge, introspection, and ways to make the most of our advantages. It helped us understand the situation at the time, our inner workings, and our colleagues. This new knowledge and insights efficiently paved our way ahead.

After five years of training, we find ourselves in top shape. We know and can do more, full stop.

To date, we have implemented no fewer than 5 programmes of group workshops and individual coaching one-on-one mentorship) sessions, and we are very proud of the results.

Our group workshops focus on the activity of individuals within a group, on the functioning of the entire team, and the understanding of diversity, while coaching involves a mentor (coach) working in-depth with an individual.

The latter approach is based on the understanding of the individual, the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses in personal traits, which will then inform the setting of short- and long-term goals. Coaching sessions will then pursue the goals thus set, and personal development, allowing the individual to better harmonise the personal and professional spheres, improve focus, responsibility, efficiency, productivity in the workplace, overall wellbeing of the individual and, as a result, the company’s interpersonal environment.


(Daniel J. Boorstin)

The five-stage learning programme that GO GREEN carried out across seven half-day workshops (group/individual) covered the bases from the field of general personal and professional growth: the strengthening of self-awareness and the awareness of others, personal excellence, the recognition of values, self-management, work ethics, the management of time and conflicts, the strengthening of emotional intelligence, the improvement of emotional culture, coping with uncertainty (the pandemic, personal resilience, stress, trigger recognition, etc.).

During the past two years, we then proceeded to focus the training on increasingly demanding topics and skills: managing challenging conversations and learning to use new tools and structures to do so, efficient feedback, clear, respectful and open communication and the understanding of interpersonal differences and similarities to improve cooperation.


Having achieved our first goal, i.e., the increase of the level of self-awareness and the awareness of other team members, we are now ready for new goals that will go deeper, but especially to apply them in practice, as practice presents hundreds of challenges every day. This, along with the noticeable tangible improvements that the said training programmes have brought to the Company, prompts us to continue with such workshops and coaching sessions in 2023.

What is it that GO Green Team is now better at?

We team members have become a better version of ourselves. That also includes in dialogue and in working with our colleagues. We are more efficient in team meetings and in our line of work, we notice that our interpersonal interactions are more attentive, and we are proud of our novel approaches to communication. We have a better understanding of ourselves, our personality types and the different roles assigned to us within the team. If we could always say we collaborated very well within the team, our collaboration today is exemplary, with each employee being even more proactive.

Thanks to the new knowledge and skillset, each employee can embrace his or her role in the company in a different way, with the overall working environment and business results at GO GREEN improving before our very eyes. Armed with our newfound curiosity, each morning, we march ahead to meet new personal and business challenges.


When you need transport, we at Go Green always offer you the best: ultimate luxury, a vision of the future and perfect service. 

We abide the principle of ‘You conceive it, we execute it!’ It’s not a question of what, it’s a question of how.

In a world that competes on excellence, there is always room for innovation and constantly enhanced implementations. Today, practically everything is available. But it is the services that make a real difference to the individual that make the best user experience. And that’s where you’ve found the right partner in Go Green!

We’re happy to be able to prioritise your wants, needs and unique business challenges. We have the best luxury vehicles in our fleet, and our portfolio built on over 10 years of experience abounds with business challenges, all of which we’ve delivered flawlessly. So – don’t hesitate as you are always to trust us with your business or personal transport wishes and we guarantee to weave the best and personalised solution for you.

We’ve upgraded luxury.

Mercedes Benz S Class are our prestigious top-of-the-range vehicles, which available at all times to our customers as part of our permanent range of elite vehicles. Without exception, we always ensure that you have access to a first-class service, whether for business transport, travel or private arrangements, with a selection of luxury S-Class vehicles, thus ensuring your maximum satisfaction. And this year, we’ve added the latest, elite Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach to our fleet of the most prestigious vehicles for boutique business and personal occasions.

Elite choice and experience.

Our luxury fleet of the best vehicles has now been upgraded to an extra, sophisticated level of prestige. The upscale, exclusive, breathtaking Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach exudes the highest quality with futuristic design, luxury and first-class, hand-crafted interior elements.  The choice for discerning explorers of the ultimate aesthetic who appreciate an individual approach and want to upgrade an ordinary drive and turn it into an unforgettable boutique experience.

Timeless elegance.

The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach joins the ranks of our Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury vehicles with the refinement, elegance, aesthetics and sublimity that create truly special driving moments. Thanks to its handcrafted elements, the value of the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach is three times that of the best luxury vehicles on the market – its stunning elegance takes it, one way or another, to completely new dimensions.

If the Rolls Royce is the king of vehicles from the BMW Group, the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach is the crowned ruler of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Due to its individual production and exclusivity, this vehicle has been on the market for up to two years! The company expects to produce up to 1,500 individually designed Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybachs every year, which means exclusivity on all world markets.

Not just a luxury comfort zone, but also a personal space for retreat.

Exquisite materials and innovative details make the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach a ‘haven’ that offers a distinctive experience of the ultimate luxury from a great brand. And of course, a retreat into ultimate beauty, comfort, elitism, the experience of the future…

Comfort and luxury share the top spot.

The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach also features exceptional spaciousness with the First Class package. The luxuriously designed, prestigious interior and unique presence offer a feeling of safety and comfort at first glance.

Travelling in the back of the car is as comfortable as if you were in a private jet. With two fold-down tables, the Business Console in the rear of the First-Class cabin instantly transforms into a comfortable travelling office. The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach offers you the best in driving comfort; the finest seat materials that allow the passenger to be cooled, heated and massaged, space for a laptop or documents, innovative technology and high-resolution displays that complement your work while driving, and the Airmatic air suspension with the Adaptive Damping System Plus offer an unprecedented user experience!

Go Green driver and support services – the perfection of the user experience.

To ensure that the service is at a level befitting a fleet of elite vehicles, professional GO GREEN drivers are the icing on the cake. Our drivers are regularly trained in related fields, all have passed safe driving training, and all have honed their skills in the most demanding of either driving or transfer service projects. Only an excellent driver provides the optimum conditions for the best customer experience and the opportunity to make the user aware and fully experience the unrivalled prestige.

In addition to driver assistance, you can also benefit from the support services of the Go Green team, who work behind the scenes to come up with ideas, implement unique wishes and projects, and deliver a great customer experience.


Every successful company can first and foremost credit its successes and achievements to its motivated and satisfied team of employees – and ours is entering the autumn with renewed vigour and new challenges.

Before the start of the team meeting in mid-June, the Go Green crew joked that our company is a luxury limousine driven by the CEO, while the team members – 9 of us – are the engine of the company. And this is not far from the reality.

As GO GREEN continues to grow, we are increasing the volume of work and the number of successful projects we deliver each year. We are also increasing the range of services we provide, while maintaining our focus on three aspects:

  • motivated and satisfied employees,
  • satisfied clients
  • and a long-term focus on moving our business towards more sustainable practices.

Also, the number of our GO GREEN team members keeps on growing.



This summer, due to the increasing number of events we co-organise for our clients, we have strengthened our team with an exceptional event organiser, NIKA POŽUN, who firmly believes in a personal and positive approach and careful attention to detail that makes our clients’ wishes come true. An exceptional listener, she knows how to create events that all guests will remember. Meet Nika… to whom all of us would like to extend a warm welcome and are looking forward to the first events she will be organising.



Congratulations also to the tandem ROK GOBEC and MIHA GLAVAN for their new tasks and responsibilities. Both joined Go Green in 2021 and were now assigned the position of assistant product managers in the vehicles process, entrusted with the optimisation of the purchase, maintenance and sales of vehicles in Go Green’s complex fleet – which includes luxury vehicles, as well as standard and business cars and vans, mainly from the BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen brands.

Rok, as Product Manager, will now be responsible for the purchase and sale of new vehicles and the operational leasing of vehicles, while Miha will take over responsibility for the purchase and sale of used vehicles. We wish them every success in successfully optimising their business in their new areas of responsibility and in all the challenges ahead, developing their vision, achieving their goals in a sustainable corporate spirit and, above all, enjoying working as part of a team. Both are enthusiastic sportsmen and will thus continue to be important co-creators of the close bond between our colleagues in the ‘sporting spirit’.     

Now… let’s move on to new GO GREEN challenges.
Ride with us on this journey.


Although we still have many kilometres to go in the future to get to a zero-carbon footprint, there is much we can do today. In fact, it is within a company’s power to continuously move and manage its operations and transport towards greener mobility.

At Go Green, we do this by making responsible and realistic choices about how we buy, lease and use vehicles – towards a greener future.

In practice, this means integrating newer, technologically advanced vehicles into our business process, those with better or more sophisticated engines, which allow good utilisation and consequently lower emissions into the environment. We also choose vehicles with more rational fuel consumption, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

  • The realistic options for improving transport are not ideal, but they are a way to get there

As a transport company, we are naturally concerned about development, innovation, technology, and the overall idea of achieving lower and lower pollution. But as a company that provides different transport services for different customer needs, it is also important to achieve these expectations.

The integration of electric vehicles into services and the associated time requirements for vehicle charging can only be gradually implemented into operational business. Hybrid vehicles are an excellent solution for the time being but not ideal. The use of hybrid vehicles allows us to deliver within the expectations of our customers or passengers. Even if the journey is unexpectedly extended due to passenger preferences or conditions, the transport can be carried out as efficiently as possible and in the desired time.

  • Lower carbon footprint of vehicles – a factor in the decision on the type of transport

For a given category of transport, we can offer the appropriate vehicle model from the manufacturer of your choice, but for optimum utilisation and the lowest possible carbon footprint, the choice of powertrain is also based on the technological parameters and requirements of the individual order or the customer’s preferences: the expected number of passengers and pieces of luggage and the itinerary considering the distance and the stops envisaged.

At the point where we are in our development, we are aware that each of the chosen modes of transport has its advantages, but also its disadvantages in the overall view of sustainability.

For shorter journeys within urban environments, the benefits of electric motors can be fully exploited. They are almost completely silent, acceleration is smooth and extremely dynamic, and the first-class impression of being driven in a technologically advanced car is enhanced by the knowledge that the carbon footprint of the journey was zero. However, we must not forget that this achievement is only a parameter – the vehicle has been manufactured, includes environmentally harmful elements, and will one day have to be phased out.

Due to the real (limited) ranges of electric vehicles and the time needed to charge the vehicle, we are integrating them gradually.

Plug-in hybrids are very close to pure electric vehicles in both purpose and driving experience, with the additional internal combustion engine providing longer range and higher speeds, but at the same time much lower CO2 emissions and extremely low fuel consumption than older powertrains. They deliver the quality of the order within the expectations of the passengers and are not distance dependent (as with purely electric vehicles).

Electric vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, but it will be a few years before we can always fully rely on such vehicles and in all places, especially in a wide range of professional situations. Plug-in hybrids are therefore the optimal choice for urban, short- and medium-distance driving.

  • A good choice for longer distances

For longer journeys with a higher mass load, beyond the current limitations of electric car technology, vehicles with a conventional hybrid drive offer many advantages compared to diesel or petrol cars: the main ones are, of course, the reduced environmental impact of exhaust emissions and fuel economy.

In electric mode at lower speeds, the driving experience is elegant, but the exceptional comfort continues even when the efficient and technically sophisticated latest-generation internal combustion engine takes over.

The technological sophistication, continuous development and progress of electric and hybrid vehicles ensure a sustainable future in terms of environmental pollution in the field of high-quality transport, which is the core business of Go Green. Such state-of-the-art solutions allow us to be optimistic and to realise our vision of greener mobility every year.  


As a leading provider of high-quality transport services in Slovenia and the wider region, we actively monitor the development of new technologies in the automotive industry that are more environmentally friendly. This guides us in formulating strategies for fleet management, which we regularly update, and for the provision of standard, business and luxury transport services in line with the development trends of the automotive industry.


Preventing global warming due to the greenhouse effect is an urgency and a priority for humanity. Governments in the developed world are adopting ambitious plans and measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere – the goal of advanced societies is to achieve carbon neutrality in the 2030-2050 period.

As the use of fossil fuels is being phased out, technologies to harness renewable energy sources that are more environmentally friendly are being developed at an accelerated pace.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of transport, one of the most pressing environmental problems, the environmental measures and technologies that will make this possible foresee the phasing out of petroleum-based internal combustion engines and a gradual shift towards the use of electric engines in land transport and the use of hydrogen as a fuel, in particular for larger passenger aircraft and ships.

It is also in this work that we recognise the updated strategic orientations of our company, where we also place the efforts of our employees towards greener service delivery and the search for improved business solutions towards additional responsibility for environmental protection.

Slovenia – among the pioneers of a greener future

As the green heart of Europe, Slovenia is one of the most advanced countries in the science and industry that will pave our future: from aeronautical and automotive designers to experts developing solid-state batteries. At Go Green, we keep a close eye on all new developments and advances of this kind.

In our everyday lives, Slovenians can also be proud of our concern for the environment, from protecting unspoilt nature and green spaces to sustainable agriculture. The success of our efforts is confirmed by international awards: Slovenia has repeatedly been at the top of global rankings of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries; five years ago, in September 2016, Slovenia was crowned the world’s first Green Destination at the Global Green Destinations Day International Conference; and in 2021, the prestigious Condé Nast travel guide listed Slovenia as the only country in the world to be named a Green Destination.

Go Green offers three categories of transport:

  • standardni transport
  • business transport, and
  • luxury transport

For all these services, we choose the latest vehicles from the world’s leading brands, which are synonymous with quality, reliability and the most advanced technological solutions.

Being committed to sustainability is much more than reducing pollution

Every use of vehicles and every movement, however small, has an impact on the environment. Even if we, as a transport operator, manage to achieve a minimum carbon footprint for each individual transport, we are aware that, taken as a whole, we will not be able to achieve a zero footprint (at least for a while yet).

Everything counts for the environment; the whole cycle of production and transport of a vehicle (production, transport to the customer, use over the years, handling and storage of hazardous and environmentally harmful waste inherent in the vehicle, and finally retirement and decommissioning of the materials).

Being committed to sustainability means much more than just environmental impact and pollution, it is a balance between environmental equilibrium, social security and economic stability. What does all this really mean?

In practice, creating added value for the local and global environment, for all the people involved (users and employees), for the economy, which gains rather than loses by adopting green technologies and approaches (new jobs, higher ethics, long-term viability, and on and on).

Being sustainable means balancing all three aspects at the same time: environmental, economic, and social.

So, when we want to answer the question of which vehicles are best suited to a sustainable future, the right answer is the one that offers the company the optimum balance of all three aspects, in a given situation at a given time and place.

…to be continued in march 2022: ‘Go Green’ and first green steps/kilometres in practice


Uniqueness creates beauty in the world, it fosters diversity. Uniqueness applies to every single person in the world, but it only shows its true strength when you dare to express it and share it with others.

Go Green is a unique company. Our employees are unique. Our services are unique. From our first steps 12 years ago to today, we are proud of that. Throughout the years, we have been nurturing uniqueness, we have remained dedicated and outstanding in the little touches we give to our passengers and partners. That is why we stay on top. We never ‘cut corners’ or take the easy way out, but instead follow the discrete, better, more beautiful and innovative path – a path that, just like this cup, tells a story and encourages you to be your own person. This is also unique.

The cup is the work of the experienced and creative hands of potter Jasmina Verbič.

It is one-of-a-kind, UNIQUE JUST LIKE YOU!

GO GREEN team wishes you successful, lovely, safe and UNIQUE 2022!


Our country offers a wealth of enchanting locations that inspire film, theatre, music, marketing, media and travel & tourism production teams.

Slovenia and its wider region are ideal for filming in captivating locales, a great choice for film crews, for companies in search of unique venues for their events, or for agencies pursuing originality in their production ambitions. Our Go Green team provides you with full support in terms of organisation, logistics and implementation.


There are not many countries in the world that offer sea, mountains, green valleys, magical towns and villages, and the maximum distances are only a few hundred kilometres. This allows huge savings for production companies, who are already looking out for the already high costs of filming.

In every season, as the scenery changes before our eyes, there are many exceptional venues to be found (numerous castles across Slovenia, the Opera House, the coastal cliffs, karst caves, the Alps and fairytale Alpine valleys, gorges, waterfalls, lakes and fairytale towns, as if the past had kept them alive). Unique locations are great for unique video or film settings, as well as for outstanding business meetings, presentations, premieres and even private gatherings and celebrations. Slovenia offers excellent accommodation options for even the most sophisticated of guests, and when you also consider the culinary excellence of Michelin-starred chefs who have taken local cuisine to world-class levels, the level of enjoyment will be nothing short of amazing.

Lubljana City, Author: Iztok Medja

Ljubljana City, Author: Iztok Medja


Another major advantage is that Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich, Zagreb and Opatija are all within 100 to 380 kilometres of our borders, while Hvar and Dubrovnik are also not far away.

We are well aware of how important TIME is for film and video production. The schedules are packed with tasks and coordination, a large number of people with different profiles are involved, artists from different parts of the world and different cultures, actors, directors, costume designers, set designers, photographers, cameramen, etc. – and the costs vary from project to project, with different degrees of budget-friendliness or flexibility. That’s why we know that TIME – and the absence of the extra hassle that transport can often cause – comes in very handy indeed! In business, time is capital.



Let Go Green team’s experience become your advantage – in terms of cost, logistics and implementation. Working with our GO GREEN team is especially easy because we are very well acquainted with the local business environment, as well as with the film, music and marketing video production industries.


By partnering with Go Green, you have access to a diverse fleet of luxury or high-end vehicles driven by highly trained and licensed drivers. Our vehicles and team of drivers always keep a ‘parallel pair’ of vehicle and driver ready, so unpredictable situations cannot take us by surprise. Our expertise and experience in transport logistics means we can offer you the right support.



Are you shooting a commercial, film, video content or a documentary? At Go Green we provide cars, transport and drivers for the diverse needs of production companies, media and film and other ‘video’ crews for filming in Slovenia and neighbouring Austria, Italy, Croatia and nearby regions. We have a wealth of experience in the film, media and TV production sectors, and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs in the fast-changing world of modern technology and advertising. Regardless of the length of the shoot or the days of the shoot, we guarantee that our drivers will always be by your side, providing a highly professional and tailor-made service. READ MORE about transportation and other services we offer to film and music production crews.


Are you visiting Slovenia to attend a film, theatre, music premiere or other festive event? We will transport you to the gala event in a luxury car. Go Green’s drivers always make sure you arrive comfortably and on time. The long list of reputable clients who have used Go Green’s transport services is the best testimony to our professional transport services and the feeling of ‘that little something extra’ you get as a customer.

Go Green is the FIRST CHOICE when it comes to selecting drivers for film and TV premieres. For over 10 years, we have been providing transport and other logistics services for renowned producers, directors and actors. The red carpet is a grand affair, so get there glamorous and relaxed.


At Go Green, we specialise in professional transportation services for VIP guests, distinguished members of society, well-known and famous faces in the film, music and theatre industries who require comfortable, hassle-free and safe transport to their chosen event. We are trusted by prestigious state institutions, by prominent individuals in the film and music industries. We have gained such trust because we stand for professionalism and discretion without exception. The cars chosen for this type of transport are always of the highest standard and offer the ultimate in comfort and safety.


An impeccably punctual, carefully and smartly dressed driver with excellent communication skills will greet you at home or in your hotel and escort you to your vehicle. All our cars offer plenty of space, the seats are leather or microfibre and comfortable, and the interior allows you to relax and let your mind wander, whether you’re observing the surroundings or getting on with your work – the accessories are at your fingertips. After a hard day’s filming, your driver will wait, greet you or your guests and take you to your desired location, whether it’s a hotel, a restaurant, the city or somewhere else.


If you like, you can extend your visit to Slovenia or the region into a pleasant holiday or city break. Slovenia offers plenty of opportunities for a bit of ‘sweet idleness’. Do not hesitate to ask us about it…



Welcome to enchanting venues, gala events or meetings. We are your tacit suppliers, discreet partners and efficient implementers. Call or email us; + 386 51 303 404 or



Our services to film, media, music and video production companies in Slovenia and in neighbouring Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary: 

  • rental of vehicles of all categories, from cars, minibuses, cargo vans and other vehicles for filming, as well as chauffeur services,
  • the services of a coordinator or transport manager,
  • transport services in support of production teams – we organise and provide transport for research, location scouting, etc.
  • safe transport for filmmakers and film crews (studio – on-site location – hotel),
  • safe transport and guidance of influencers to various locations (transport and, if desired, guided tours),
  • organising security for VIP crew members (actresses, actors, directors),
  • delivery and transport of props, costumes or other equipment,
  • planning and implementing optimal transport,
  • transport to special events,
  • extended holidays for members of the film crew.



TAKE A RIDE IN OUR GO VIP Mercedes S-class


Our GO VIP transportation fleet allows you to choose the best of the best – the super-intelligent luxury sedan Mercedes S-class! The state-of-the art vehicle pampers you with its safety and comfort features, it knows your ambient lighting preferences, what you want from the vehicle in the given moment, so if you let it know your wishes with a quick glance or a soft touch, it will understand them instantly and without error.
As a sign of fidelity to the tradition of elegance, it is the only model to still feature the world-renowned Mercedes emblem on its bonnet.

GO VIP – currently peerless in Slovenia…

… and there are not many around Europe either! Our GO VIP Mercedes-S 2021 has been manufactured and registered in 2021. When you need transportation in Slovenia or anywhere in Europe, make it your limousine of choice for the perfect experience of luxury on the go, be it for business or personal needs.

This automobile is the pinnacle of state-of-the-art technology

You might be in a lack for words to express excitement at everything that this genius travel companion can offer. It is automotive perfection and pure elegance in terms of shape, design and functionality. You will be spoilt for choice thanks to its practical and useful functions. Tried as they might have to find any flaws, experts are unanimous: in the handling of the car there is not a single detail that would not be perfect.

Our GO VIP class of transportation puts safety and comfort first, but the Mercedes S-class takes the experience to an entirely new level!
The next-gen sensory command intelligence is adaptable, well-calibrated and dynamic, corresponding to the ever-changing circumstances from one ride to another: lighting and weather conditions, the duration of the drive, as well as the physical and mental state of the driver and the passenger(s). This is a smart car, which adapts to you in an unobtrusive way; in fact, it is positively inspiring, so much so that you function together as a well-tuned duo.

Advantages of the Mercedes S-class that never fail to impress

Mercedes S-class, available for you from our GO VIP transportation fleet of cars does not only stand out due to its retail price, which is currently at EUR 175 thousand, but, more importantly, thanks to its impressive set of cutting-edge technological marvels to benefit the driver and all passengers:

  • Luxurious, elegant, comfortable, agile and smart!
  • 18 electromotors ensuring safety and maximised personalised comfort of its seats
  • Leather seats with heating, ventilation and cooling (several adjustable setting for each seat)
  • Intelligent sensing of the driver and passengers (controlling and adjusting the vehicle’s mirrors and lights according to head movements)
  • An extremely soundproof cockpit for the optimal reduction of external noise
  • A smart system sensing other vehicles on the road, pedestrians and cyclists
  • A smart carpark and garage manoeuvring system
  • Retractable door handles and touch-activated opening of doors
  • Comfortably upholstered seats with touch-controlled adjustable sections
  • Digital 3-D instrument cluster dashboard (with sports, exclusive and classic modes, satnav, etc.)
  • 3-D/spatial sound system
  • Augmented reality screen system
  • Dynamic multicolour cockpit lighting
  • 10 massage programmes on all seats
  • The vehicle has 330 bhp from a 3-litre 6 V engine
  • A smart computer you can talk to or ask questions (similar to digital assistants on mobile phones)

… and this is only the beginning.

GO VIP Mercedes Benz S 350d, 4matic LONG, black, less than 700 kilometres on the odometer.

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