The 9 is something special!

The mystery and fabulousness of the number 9 is proverbial, but mathematically it’s not just that; whatever number from 1 to 9 you multiply by 9, the sum of the individual digits in the product will be 9 again; for example, 3 x 9 = 27 and 2+7 = 9.

If someone had told us at Go Green when we started the company 10 years ago that there would be 9 of us by then, we would have found it hard to believe. And yet, over the years we have expanded our business considerably, providing a full range of  M.I.C.E. and marketing services in addition to our core business of transport and regional tourism (DMC), all the while building on a sustainable philosophy and – above all – a strong, professional and happy team of employees.

Today, there are 9 of us in the team and we believe that we create something special for our clients.
Because we believe that only the best is good enough for them.


What are new challenges but a vision that becomes a success?

As any market-oriented company, we are always facing new challenges in the area of SALES, as it reaches and concerns all areas, all employees, all partners and all projects. Sales is almost an economic discipline in its own right and requires a number of excellent personal qualities and professional experience on the part of those who are involved in it. Sales requires a whole person who has a great deal of experiential knowledge as well as intuition. Since this year, it has been led by Eva Ugovšek.


The ambitious projects that Go Green is looking forward to in 2023 have prompted us at the beginning of this year to entrust the management of the key area of sales to an outstanding and long-standing colleague, Eva Ugovšek. Today, we congratulate her once again on taking on this important responsibility and wish her plenty of satisfaction and success with her new ideas and challenges.

Eva’s work reflects her warmth, communication ablilities and exceptional organisational skills, which always get her to the target, are highly appreciated by partners and professionally inspire us colleagues. As Eva believes, it is easy to have such a focus at work, because guests and clients always deserve only – the best.

Are you organising an event, need a vehicle or extra transport services, filming a commercial in Slovenia, organising a meeting and want something special for it? You are welcome to contact, who will meet your challenge quickly, reliably and professionally.

Good luck on the new projects!

Go Green Team