When you need transport, we at Go Green always offer you the best: ultimate luxury, a vision of the future and perfect service. 

We abide the principle of ‘You conceive it, we execute it!’ It’s not a question of what, it’s a question of how.

In a world that competes on excellence, there is always room for innovation and constantly enhanced implementations. Today, practically everything is available. But it is the services that make a real difference to the individual that make the best user experience. And that’s where you’ve found the right partner in Go Green!

We’re happy to be able to prioritise your wants, needs and unique business challenges. We have the best luxury vehicles in our fleet, and our portfolio built on over 10 years of experience abounds with business challenges, all of which we’ve delivered flawlessly. So – don’t hesitate as you are always to trust us with your business or personal transport wishes and we guarantee to weave the best and personalised solution for you.

We’ve upgraded luxury.

Mercedes Benz S Class are our prestigious top-of-the-range vehicles, which available at all times to our customers as part of our permanent range of elite vehicles. Without exception, we always ensure that you have access to a first-class service, whether for business transport, travel or private arrangements, with a selection of luxury S-Class vehicles, thus ensuring your maximum satisfaction. And this year, we’ve added the latest, elite Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach to our fleet of the most prestigious vehicles for boutique business and personal occasions.

Elite choice and experience.

Our luxury fleet of the best vehicles has now been upgraded to an extra, sophisticated level of prestige. The upscale, exclusive, breathtaking Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach exudes the highest quality with futuristic design, luxury and first-class, hand-crafted interior elements.  The choice for discerning explorers of the ultimate aesthetic who appreciate an individual approach and want to upgrade an ordinary drive and turn it into an unforgettable boutique experience.

Timeless elegance.

The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach joins the ranks of our Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury vehicles with the refinement, elegance, aesthetics and sublimity that create truly special driving moments. Thanks to its handcrafted elements, the value of the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach is three times that of the best luxury vehicles on the market – its stunning elegance takes it, one way or another, to completely new dimensions.

If the Rolls Royce is the king of vehicles from the BMW Group, the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach is the crowned ruler of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Due to its individual production and exclusivity, this vehicle has been on the market for up to two years! The company expects to produce up to 1,500 individually designed Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybachs every year, which means exclusivity on all world markets.

Not just a luxury comfort zone, but also a personal space for retreat.

Exquisite materials and innovative details make the Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach a ‘haven’ that offers a distinctive experience of the ultimate luxury from a great brand. And of course, a retreat into ultimate beauty, comfort, elitism, the experience of the future…

Comfort and luxury share the top spot.

The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach also features exceptional spaciousness with the First Class package. The luxuriously designed, prestigious interior and unique presence offer a feeling of safety and comfort at first glance.

Travelling in the back of the car is as comfortable as if you were in a private jet. With two fold-down tables, the Business Console in the rear of the First-Class cabin instantly transforms into a comfortable travelling office. The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Maybach offers you the best in driving comfort; the finest seat materials that allow the passenger to be cooled, heated and massaged, space for a laptop or documents, innovative technology and high-resolution displays that complement your work while driving, and the Airmatic air suspension with the Adaptive Damping System Plus offer an unprecedented user experience!

Go Green driver and support services – the perfection of the user experience.

To ensure that the service is at a level befitting a fleet of elite vehicles, professional GO GREEN drivers are the icing on the cake. Our drivers are regularly trained in related fields, all have passed safe driving training, and all have honed their skills in the most demanding of either driving or transfer service projects. Only an excellent driver provides the optimum conditions for the best customer experience and the opportunity to make the user aware and fully experience the unrivalled prestige.

In addition to driver assistance, you can also benefit from the support services of the Go Green team, who work behind the scenes to come up with ideas, implement unique wishes and projects, and deliver a great customer experience.