Uniqueness creates beauty in the world, it fosters diversity. Uniqueness applies to every single person in the world, but it only shows its true strength when you dare to express it and share it with others.

Go Green is a unique company. Our employees are unique. Our services are unique. From our first steps 12 years ago to today, we are proud of that. Throughout the years, we have been nurturing uniqueness, we have remained dedicated and outstanding in the little touches we give to our passengers and partners. That is why we stay on top. We never ‘cut corners’ or take the easy way out, but instead follow the discrete, better, more beautiful and innovative path – a path that, just like this cup, tells a story and encourages you to be your own person. This is also unique.

The cup is the work of the experienced and creative hands of potter Jasmina Verbič.

It is one-of-a-kind, UNIQUE JUST LIKE YOU!

GO GREEN team wishes you successful, lovely, safe and UNIQUE 2022!