Kongres Magazine: Interview with Dijana Taborin, Product Manager – Event Organiser at Go Green

As everything is settling back into its pre-coronavirus tracks, the meetings industry is still waiting for the situation to normalize itself. Lifted regulations will not bring back business like nothing has happened, yet everyone is supposed to survive by their own means. We wanted to hear how meeting planners are coping with the situation, what COVID-19 means for their businesses and how they see the future of events.

DIJANA TABORIN, Product Manager – Event Organiser at Go Green

Q: How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

I am the head of the MICE department at Go Green. By nature, I am an optimist who tries to face every obstacle with positive energy. I also really enjoy new challenges.

I plan different types of projects with great enthusiasm, from the most logistically demanding to content-unique, where eminent participants are used to the best scenarios. I have a degree in economics and have a lot of experience in organizing events at home and abroad. My richest experience is in tourism. I create programs for companies, organizations and individuals, always with a strong emphasis on effective solutions. In my work, I put bold creativity at the forefront and include surprises in my ideas. I believe that the secret of a successful event lies in caring for every little detail.

Q: What is your love story with the world of events?

Already as a teenager, I was eager to dedicate my time to organizing various events. In high school, I embarked on a charity collection of toys for children at the hospital with one of the professors and discovered my love for planning. The success story was also recognized by our largest commercial television station, which reported about the charity event in a daily news program. Just like back then, every successful event still gives me a new drive and fills me with energy.

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